The A House was once a hub for Copenhagen’s creative elite, and this sensibility has been brought directly into the new STAY concept – from the architectural planning, to the many collaborations with local artists, who’ve left their mark on the apartments.

The need for space has been woven into the design of every floor and the possibilities for the use of the space are many, if not looking only for a place to sleep: the band WhoMadeWho have recorded their third album in one of STAY’s spacious loft apartments. The artist and chef, Bo Ramsø Lindegaard has actualised a series of attention-grabbing pop-up-restaurants in the lounge of the sixth floor. The impressive rooftop terrace has been used for vitalizing events and photo shoots. And that’s just the beginning. In fact, when you pore over the apartments, it quickly becomes apparent that it never really ended. The creative past of the A House emanates from the countless artistic decorations that were never removed from the walls and ceilings. STAY has, quite simply, chosen to let them stay.